by Keeley Hazell

I can't decide if I love this dress or hate it. When I first saw it I had to have it. You know that compelling feeling of needing to own something? You just have to have it in your life or life just isn't complete? It was sort of like that. Now when I see this leather dress hanging in my closet, I find myself madly in love. I get excited by seeing it; in the most superficial of ways. Then I put it on and I become overwhelmed with this loving feeling, but as the day goes on I start to hate it. It irritates me. It's tight, I feel suffocated, and it doesn't match my God damn shoes. So I start to question why it doesn't match my shoes? I swear it matched my shoes when I left the house?! I start to feel like the dress and I aren't meant to be. Maybe we should part ways? I can't help but liken this feeling to relationships, you always start off thinking its perfect, beautiful, and the best thing in your life. To soon learn that you can't breath and need to remove it immediately.    

White Shirt Suede Skirt

by Keeley Hazell

I've started straightening my hair in the hopes it will look like Jennifer Aniston's in Friends, (I'm a little embarrassed to admit that). But before you judge me, every girl wanted her hair to look like Jen's in the 90's. Fact. She has the best hair in all of the hair history of television. No-one's hair looked so long, shiny and perfect as Jennifer Aniston's. And since we're on the subject, I also want my nipples to constantly be erect through my top like hers were in pretty much every episode of Friends. Clearly that's not happening for me in this white shirt, or in fact anything I wear. Maybe I should put peanuts in my bra? Then I really would be smuggling peanuts.   



by Keeley Hazell

I'm obsessed with this J-crew print, in fact I'm obsessed with all prints. Anything that is printed and loud I love. I'm sort of drawn to it like a moth to a flame and I have to have it, even if it's probably not quite right for my body type, like this dress. (It really does look like I have no curves right?).  I sort of felt like I should have been in Spain wearing this, or the South Of France, Italy, somewhere European at the very least! It has that vibe, can't quite explain what that vibe is. I'm sure it has something to do with the air? Isn't it funny that different places in the world have different smells? If you don't believe me, next time you leave your home town have a whiff, I promise you, it will smell different.