Keeley Hazell was born in Lewisham, England. In 2004, after winning a competition held in a national newspaper, Keeley went onto become one of UK’s best-known models. She has appeared in various publications and has graced the cover of FHM more than twenty-eight times around the world.

It was in 2006, with a minor role in the Oscar nominated film Cashback that Keeley turned her talents to acting. Having caught the acting bug, she packed her bags, and moved to Los Angeles to study acting full-time. Once she developed her craft, she made her way into the film industry. Her acting credits include Horrible Bosses 2, Like Crazy, and The Royals

In 2009, she began writing a book, on completion, and hesitant about being published, she showed her manager, who encouraged her to focus her attention on writing screenplays. She took his advice, and is currently working on a few projects.